This is my second time around with photography. When I was a kid I enjoyed photography very much but I couldn't afford the processing, so it slowly slipped from centre stage. After a long long break I came back to it when our eldest daughter started uni (photography major). She needed a reasonable quality film camera and good 'ole dad hit ebay and got 3 Canon EOS film cameras with a handful of lenses for about $100. She only needed one body so I took one and we had a spare and, well, I caught the (shutter) bug!

Since then I've taken some tuition to re-learn the basics, gone digital and joined a few online photography sites that I continue to contribute to.

What I lack in inspiration I make up with perspiration! I work hard at my photography and while I'm certainly not a 'great' photographer, I try to turn out reasonable quality work.

I haven't really settled on any particular discipline. I think I would describe my photography like my taste in music - eclectic. I enjoy studio portraiture, to macro, to landscapes and just about anything in between.

Anyhoo, enough about me...onto the galleries with you!